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Woodworking CNC router, R.5kW Spindle, Vacuum Table and Dust Collector, CE-certified
- Jun 21, 2018 -

Woodworking CNC Router

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Key Specifications/Special Features:

Can equip 6pcs tools, 8pcs tools or 10pcs tools
Achieve change tools automatically in working process
It can engrave on wood, MDF, marble, 3D engraving on furniture
1.Lengthen the X and Y axis, can be used for large scale material processing
Adopted international leading parts, cost performance is high
2. They are fitted with steady domestic-made water-coolant spindles high powered, high rigidity
Well adapted to engrave and cut on density board, solid wood panel, also engrave 3D archaist furniture
3. Vacuum table we allow for both mechanical and vacuum fixture
What does this mean:
If you are processing sheets of material such as MDF, melamine, plastic, foam or any other sheet like material, vacuum hold-down is an excellent solution
If you are processing small or irregular shaped products, heavy material, then you may want to utilize mechanical clamps
4. It uses the double motors to drive the machine and uses the double axis to transmit the machine smoothly
So it is guaranteed not to out of shape and shake when it works for a long time
5. JDM25 is upgraded to meet the requirements of users
It will be faster and more efficient, traveling speed can reach 35m/m
?JDM25 is upgraded to meet the requirements of users, it will be faster and more efficient, traveling speed can reach 35m/m
Field of application:
Woodworking, advertising industry, seal industry, craft and gift, art mould, mould
Applicable material: wood, acrylic, double-color board, PVC, EVA, ABS board, stone, imitation stone, metal, aluminum mold
Major application fields: furniture, furniture decoration, woodworking decoration, musical instrument, wooden handicraft
Woodwork industry: sewing machine table, machine cabinet panel, sporting equipment, wooden door
Mould industry: wooden mould, aviation wooden mould
Music instrument: three-dimensional wood carving in relief, and profile cutting

X, Y working area1300x2500mm1500x3000mm2000x3000mm
Z maximum working area200mm 
Table size14000x3000mm1600x3500mm2100x3500mm
Working accuracy0.05mm
X, Y, Z repositioning positioning accuracy0.05mm
Tools capability6pcs, 8pcs or 10pcs optional
FrameWhole steel welded structure
X, Y, Z structureThree-axis square orbit, gear-wheel driver (Y axis double drivers)
DriverMD2278/1182 drivers (35-45 meters)
Spindle power motor5.5kW water cooling spindle
Power (not include the spindle)1800W
Spindle speed24,000rpm
Drive motorsStepper/Servo
Working voltageAC 380V, 50Hz/60Hz
Command languageHPGL, G cord*.u00*.mmg*plt
Operating systemDSP control system/NCstudio controller
Gross weight1650kg/1800Kg/2100KG
Packing sizeAccording to model 
Software compatibilityType3 software
Cutters20pcs (include 3D cutter and milling bottom cutter)
Optional Air cooling spindle/Dust collector/CCD camera

 woodworking cnc router.jpg

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