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Woodworking Machine Maintenance How To Summer
- Jun 09, 2018 -

With the change of climate, the temperature is getting higher and higher, and the amount of rainfall will be added. In the process of changing this season, we must ensure the use of carpenter's carving machine and the rules of operation. Then what should be done to protect it? What about the solution? The following explains specifically for you:

1. If the carpenter's sculpting machine exhibits abnormal conditions such as smoke, odor, noise, etc., stop using it immediately.

2. Suppress the installation and commissioning of a carpenter's sculpting machine under cloudy weather and thundering climate.

3. To prevent the carpenter's carving machine from being installed in the open air environment, most of the mechanical equipment must avoid the wet environment.

4. Carpenter's graters are careful to use power supplies that do not meet the extra voltage.

5. Do not damage or replace the original parts and cables of the carpenter's carver.

6. If the carpenter's carving machine accidentally falls into liquids, metal objects, etc., it should be cleaned up after finishing carving, and pay attention to regularly lubricating the rails, racks, etc.

7. According to different carving machine data, different carving depth, select the appropriate tool, and set the appropriate carving speed.

8. Strictly follow the company's training requirements, and the processing scale shall not exceed the scale of the rules for the carpenter's engraving machine manual.

9. When the water-cooled spindle motor is in operation, it is necessary to ensure that the water pipe is securely fixed, the water source is clean, the water flow is dredged, and the motor should be promptly replaced due to water leakage or aging of the water pipe.