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Woodworking Engraving Machine Milling Cutter Selection
- Jun 15, 2018 -

1. Determine the primary skill parameters of the milling cutter, such as the tool outer diameter, processing thickness, and center aperture. In addition, the number of cutter teeth, reverse direction, reverse speed, feed speed, clamping method, and tool material should be clearly defined.

2, pick the structure of the cutter. This point can be based on the nature and requirements of the cutting target, from both technical and economic considerations, the selection of the entire milling cutter, the welding of the entire milling cutter, the installation of milling cutters and combined milling cutters.

3, pick milling cutter reverse direction. The reversal direction of the milling cutter is determined according to the reversal direction of the processing machine spindle and the relative orientation of the tool axis and the feed workpiece. Whether it is the entire milling cutter or the installation of the milling cutter, the inclination of the cutting edge to the milling cutter radius determines the milling cutter. The reverse direction.

4, choose milling cutter cutting amount. The carpenter's engraving cutter's cutting amount includes the milling cutter's cutting speed, workpiece's feed speed and milling depth. The cutting speed of the cutter depends on the cutter speed and the radius of the cutter. The feed rate of the workpiece depends on the quality requirements of the cutting process. The apparent roughness of the workpiece to be cut largely depends on the amount of feed per tooth of the milling cutter during the cutting process, the feed per tooth is too large, the appearance of the machining is too rough, the feed per tooth is too small, and the appearance of the machining will appear burning. The phenomenon of coke, so the cutter feed per tooth must be appropriate.

The milling cutter is an important part of the carpenter's engraving machine. It is a rotary cutter with one or more cutter teeth. In operation, each cutter tooth can intermittently cut off the remaining amount of the workpiece. The quality of the milling cutter will directly affect the engraving effect of the carpenter's engraving machine, so we should make more efforts in the selection of the milling cutter.