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Three Different Ways To Drop Knife Of Furniture Relief Carving Machine Of Carpentry Carving Machine
- Dec 03, 2018 -

Three Different Ways to Drop Knife of Furniture Relief Carving Machine of Carpentry Carving Machine
1, oblique. When the knife is dropped in this way, the carving tool does not fall vertically, but uses a certain angle to fall diagonally. In this way, it is possible to avoid breaking the glass due to excessive impact when performing furniture relief sculpture, and also reduce the knife marks left on the sculpture surface.
2, cut in. When cutting the knife, the tool enters the knife from the side of the starting point of the carving path to the machining depth, and then according to the setting of the radius of the arc or the length of the straight line, cut into the starting point of the path and engrave it. This method ensures that no traces of furniture embossing machine knives are left on the engraving surface.
3, progressive. When the knife is dropped, the tool does not fall directly to the depth of the sculpture set. Instead, it falls to a certain depth during the fall process. The tool is lifted and then lowered to a certain depth until it falls to the depth of the setting. In this way, the knife can avoid damage to the stone or deformation of the tool or even breaking the knife due to excessive impulse when carving materials with higher hardness.