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Teach You How To Judge The Mechanical And Electrical Spindle Of Woodworking.
- Dec 19, 2018 -

Carpentry carving machine is a very important application of the electric spindle. The electric spindle plays a huge role in the woodworking carving machine. It can be said that the quality of the electric spindle can directly affect the woodworking carving machine. Today, we share how to judge the mechanical and electrical spindle of woodworking carving.
1, the accuracy of the electric spindle. Regardless of the carving and cutting, it is necessary to achieve long-term work without slipping, and the processing is smooth and smooth. This is the most basic requirement for the electric spindle. The user can also shake the main shaft holder with his hand to see if there is any looseness, and then try to start the electric spindle., To see if the motor rotates smoothly, the knife has no oscillation and vibration phenomenon, if there is, indicating that the installation accuracy has not been achieved. Then listen to the sound when the spindle rotates, whether it is delicate, if the sound is large and there is a loud and harsh noise or even the sound of broken porcelain pieces, indicating the accuracy of the spindle bearing or the installation accuracy is poor.
2, the power of the main axis. The main factor that affects the strength is the power of the motor. Only the power can ensure that the strength can reach the requirements for processing wood products. Judging the power of the electric spindle can listen to the sound of the spindle motor when it is running. The greater the wind movement and the sound of the strong channel generated by the spindle operation without different sounds, the greater the strength, the greater the power of the spindle, and the relatively large size of the motor. Of course, The other parts of the engraving machine are also configured, but the relative weight of the electric Spindle is relatively large.
3, the speed of operation of the electric spindle. That is, we must pay attention to processing efficiency. On the premise that the strength can be achieved, how fast can it be, but take into account that the machine's service life is as low as possible. The speed of the electric Spindle is generally between revolutions per minute, and the faster the speed, the better the cutting ability.
4, the loss or service life of the electric spindle. This mainly depends on the processing strength and time of the electric spindle. The temperature of the surface of the spindle motor can be tested. If the surface temperature of the spindle motor rises faster and the highest temperature is higher, then the accuracy or heat dissipation of the spindle motor is not good. Losses and service life are subject to discount, because some of the cooling methods of spindle Motors must be fully considered when purchasing Motors. At present, the woodworking carving electromechanical spindle available in the market is mainly composed of water cooling and wind cooling. The cooling method and effect of water-cooled motor are relatively reliable.
The electric spindle can be said to be the heart of the woodworking carving machine, and the electric spindle bearing directly affects the rotation, speed, force and other indicators of the electric spindle. Therefore, the choice of electric spindle bearings is even more important. It will directly affect the life and performance of the woodworking carving machine or spindle