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Option Industrial 4G Router
- Jun 16, 2016 -

Timestamp option field from midnight UT time start a time value in milliseconds. Industrial TD-LTE router can in sent of data package in the support time stamp option domain, and using following rules: 1. Dang router issued a with time stamp option domain of data package Shi, if appeared following situation, router must will time stamp records in option domain in the: If no advance specified Internet address domain; or first a advance specified of IP address is will sent the data package port of logic address. 2. If a router receives a packet with a timestamp option field, industrial network router must be passed to the transport layer protocol or ICMP before processing insert the current time in the timestamp option (if there is space). If space in the option field, overflow routing option must be the domain counter by 1.

3. timestamp values must conform to the standard RFC1122.