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Metal And Non-metal Cnc Laser Cutting Machine With Co2 Laser Tube
- Jan 16, 2019 -

Metal and Non metal cnc laser cutting machine 

metal and non metal cnc laser cutting machine

As a matter of fact ,metal and non metal cnc laser cutting machine still choose to use normal Co2 laser tube as its laser source .Machine is only use different type of laser cutting heads and related control system .It specification make it possible for this type of machine both use on non metal material cutting work as well .When it is used in the non metal cutting work ,it works like normal cnc laser cutting machine .

When need to cut metal sheet ,it would switch into the metal cutting mode with Oxygen aid .The advantage of this type of metal and non metal cnc laser cutting machine is that it is much cheaper compare to cnc fiber laser cutting machine .It will save a lot of cost for the cosumers to buy a affordable machine for work .Meanwhile ,the disadvantage is that machine cutting ability should be limited less than 2mm thickness .

Therefore ,when you have multiple cutting work ,and the raw material is not thick for work .then choose a metal and non metal cnc laser cutting machine would be the best choice .

Machine size could be small or bigger accroding to work request ,for example ,the most common use model has G1390 with 1300X900mm ,G1610 with 1600X1000mm,G1325 with 1300X2500mm cutting size.

metal and non metal cnc laser cutting machine

mixture laser cutting machine

Our metal and non metal laser cutting machine could be customized according to customer requires.The common used power for laser tube would be 150W ,It could be bigger such as 200W ,300W according to work .Machine could cut easily for a lot of material because of its high power laser tube .Up to 10000 hours working life make it you work without too much worry .

So ,if you job requres cut on quite a lot of material including thin stainless metal sheet .Welcome to contact with us .Jinan Rapidcnc machinery would be happy to contact with you to provide you a professional technical support as well as a good performance metal and non metal cnc laser cutting machine .

What are you waitting for ?

mixture laser cutting machine sample

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