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Maintenance Of Carving Machine Knowledge
- Nov 10, 2018 -

The carving machine is a tool that operates for a long time and rarely stops. The use of high strength is a hazard to the carving machine, so the carving machine needs to be maintained.
To maintain the carving machine, we must first understand the type of failure that is easy to occur in the carving machine before we can do a good job in the maintenance of the carving machine.
1. Engraving machine overpass alarm. At this time, it shows that the operation of the engraving machine has reached its limit position and can not continue to run. In the face of this failure, what we need to do is to check whether the design to be carved is beyond the maximum range of the engraving machine, or whether the screws of the relevant accessories have been loose, or whether the values in the coordinates have exceeded the specified maximum value. At the end of the journey, only a manual mediation is required to make the engraving machine work smoothly.
2. No alarm failure. The first step is to check the reason for the failure of the carving machine, because the specific location of the fault is not known, we must start from the installation of the various parts of the carving machine, and whether the small parts such as screws are stable, and then step by step to find out the specific fault. The reason. If the hardware is eliminated, the machine can be manually restored to the mechanical origin.
3. Sculpture failure. If there is a failure in the carving process, then it is necessary to check whether it is caused by the loosening of the screw, and to see if it is an error in its own operation path that causes the failure. To see if the file is too large to fail, you can quickly restore the machine to normal work by finding out the cause of the failure.
After handling the failure, the most important thing for the carving machine is a daily maintenance. Every day after working for more than 10 hours, the carving machine will perform a cooling treatment to check whether the cooled water is up to temperature. Maintain the amount of cooling water