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Humanized Control Of Engraving Machine Did You Know?
- Jun 20, 2018 -

One, M25-H can show machining track and imitation figure

Simulate simulation of the typesetting file and analyze whether the process is reasonable. This is the simulation function. The features of this function:

1. Intuitively visualizes the processing process, observes the processing effect, and can conduct a preliminary investigation of the rationality of the processing function, and then can reduce the trial cutting process and reduce the processing cost.

2, can evaluate the processing plan to help you choose a reasonable processing technology.

Second, M25-H has a breakpoint recall function, specify the starting position segment number

When your equipment suddenly loses power (perhaps it is broken, perhaps because half of the data processing data has not been carved, and some may still need further processing), this function can be used to keep the work of carving.

Third, M25-H optimized arc instructions

Make you round as fast as a straight line, the surface is lubricated. After using the arc command, the sculpting curve is accelerated and lubricated, the effect of the relief is even better, and the sculpting process is not stopped.

Fourth, M25-H can directly modify the raw G code

When the user's G code needs to be further modified, M25-H can directly read (in WINDWS notepad format opened) to facilitate your operation of the file.

Fifth, to be able to program

Can directly modify some concise procedures used to test the performance of the device can also be transferred to advanced user needs for special needs.