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How To Solve The Problem Of Engraving Machine Broken Knife
- Jun 25, 2018 -

Many friends who purchase engraving machines often encounter cutting tools in the processing engineering. Why do they frequently break the knife?

    The presence of a broken knife is actually a change in the force of the tool or some of its own influencing factors. The related reasons are the seven points that we are talking about: tools, data, machine tools, processes, environment, control systems, and auxiliary equipment.

    The condition of the tool can be divided into: the hardness of the tool, the strength of the tool, the sharpness of the tool, and the length of the tool that is particularly important, and the smoothness of the rake face of the tool. The hardness of the tool is related to the coating data, the number of particles in the tool itself, and the microscopic geometry of the tool. The factors related to the strength of the tool include the condition of the data of the tool itself and the influence of the alloy elements. The tool sharpness influences the state of the tool grinding, the number of grains of the grinding wheel used, the number of grains of the tool itself, and the degrees of the rake angle and the relief angle.

    Data related to the information whether there are impurities, the hardness of the data is not too large.

    The relevant factors of the machine tool are whether the machine tool we use is suitable or not. Is it not suitable for processing this kind of data? The machine tool has played the level, and not playing the level may cause the cutting tool. Spindle motor speed is too low, the spindle motor speed is too low, the amount of knife per revolution per tooth becomes larger, so the cutting force becomes larger, it will cause a broken knife, in general, we use the spindle speed is still biased Something better.

  The problem of the process is whether the machining allowance is not left unreasonable and whether there is a stepped margin, so that there will be a sensation caused by the changed cutting force during the machining, resulting in the cutting of the knife, so that it is necessary to add the semi-finishing. The other thing is whether the knife is too big. Of course, there are many other elements in the craft. I don't have much to say here.

    The factors related to the surrounding environment are whether there is a source around and the supply voltage is stable.

    Whether the essential factors of the control system are smooth or not, whether the priority form is correct or not, it directly affects the starting speed of the machine tool. The higher the launch speed is, the simpler the sensation will be. This will simply lead to a broken knife.

    The relevant elements of the auxiliary equipment are whether the chips are circulated, whether secondary cutting is avoided, and the main problem is the upper knife.

    Whether there is dust on the tool and the chuck, whether the blade force is too large. Chuck and nuts are not missing. It is important that the amount of tool extension is not large.

    In fact, this is a way of analyzing the problem. It presents problems in processing. We must analyze these aspects and combine the actual conditions of the time. Or when we are processing, the processing function and power are not good. The improvement from this aspect has no result. We can try from another aspect. There are many factors that affect the processing, that is, there are many kinds of methods that we can use.