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How To Lift The Limit Alarm On The Woodworking Carving Machine And Stone Carving Machine
- Dec 10, 2018 -

Under normal circumstances, the stone carving machine woodworking carving machine appears to open the control system to prompt the limit alarm. This is not a mechanical problem, but because the emergency stop button on the control cabinet of the carving machine does not open the trigger limit signal, the control software will prompt the limit alarm. The solution is very simple. We just need to turn the emergency stop button and the fault can be solved immediately.
The second possibility is that the parameters under the engraving machine I/Q state window are disordered. At this time, the parameters need to be modified as follows: Click on the x-axis, press Ctrl + shift + Alt and then right-click, click on the opposite point after the popup window. ". Click on the Y-axis, press Ctrl + shift + Alt and then right-click. After the pop-up window, click "reverse the point". Click on the Z axis, press Ctrl + shift + Alt and then right-click. After the popup window, click "reverse the point" and then close the control window. After the above operation is completed, reboot the engraving machine control system and it can work properly.
There are also rare cases where the sculptors control software program has been destroyed. In this case, it is necessary to reinstall the control system.