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Glass Cutting Machine R1313
- Dec 05, 2017 -

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Jinan  Rapidcnc machinery glass cutting machine R1313 is our second generation glass cutting machine which designed for those customers who have small piece of glass cutting machine .It is equipped with 6 cutting heads in a row .Enhanced machine structure ,Taiwan high precision Hiwin square orbits ,computer based control system as well as professional control system make it a very reliable cnc glass cutting machine .

It is widely known that glass has a very variety of usage.Building windows ,furniture windows,indoor decoration ,desk ,car .When you look around ,it is very easy to find all type of glass in our daily life .But how could we cut the whole glass sheet into the shape we want ,and more importantly ,how could we cut it precisely .That is when need a cnc glass cutting machine .

Major Specification of our cnc glass cutting machine R1313:

Model: 1313

Working size:1300*1300mm

Table size: 1300*1350mm

Body structure: Whole Steel structure

Working table: Floating table  

Working accuracy: ±0.1mm

Loading speed: 0-40m/min(adjustable) 

Cutting thickness: 2-19mm

Drive and motor: Chinese servo motor

Transmission mode: Helical Rack-pinion, Taiwan ball screw  

Working voltage: AC220V/50HZ

Max. power consumption: 3Kw

Command language: G-code 

Control:  NCstudio  

Table height: 790±10mm

Convery mode: Belt  

Transmission rail: Taiwan hiwin

Compatible with:  AutoCAD  

Transmission: gear  Helical  

Table type:  Water proff HDF

Table felt:  Imported  

Packing Size:  1900*1900*1650

Weight: 650KG 

If you are looking for a reliable cnc glass cutting machine for your work with affordable price ,welcome to contact with us .