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About Stone Carving Machine In Winter Maintenance Summary!
- Nov 17, 2018 -

Engraving Machine Winter Maintenance Summary
1, after the processing is completed, we must use water to clean up the table in a timely manner and adhere to the cleanliness and hygiene of the table and the machine.
2, regularly pick up the rails, teeth, Stone powder, wood chips and other stains to avoid debris disturbance caused by the machine during the operation.
3, regularly pick up the carving machine silk bar, to avoid sticking foreign matter on the silk bar, silk bar in the equipment to determine the accuracy of the machine, and silk bar in the transmission process also plays an important role.
4, regularly pick up the electrical box, dust when the circuit board is large.
On oil. Some customers often ignore the problem of oil injection of the carving machine due to busy operations. Some customers do not work for several days or even weeks due to seasonal reasons, and do not pay attention to the equipment oil operation. The work experience informs us. The oil plays an important role in the protection process of the engraving machine. At the time of autumn and winter, the technical department proposed the oil protection of the engraving machine. The correct approach is:
1, the first clean clean guide rail and silk bar, can be cloth(do not remove hair) on the guide rail and silk bar oil and data debris. Due to the low temperature, guide rails and silk bars can be added with oil, plus anti-freeze oil.
2, the refueling cycle is twice a month, that is, every two weeks add oil.
If the machine is not necessary for a long time, it should be refueled and empty at regular intervals to ensure the flexibility of the transmission system.
4, after adding oil slow back and forth to ensure that the lubricant can be evenly added to the guide rail and the silk bar.
Temperature. High nursing requirements for sculptors in winter mainly due to the problem of spindle cooling water.
Stone carving machine in winter maintenance summary
We thought:
1, ensure the ambient temperature between operations, ensure that the temperature above 0 °
2, check the filling specifications applicable temperature, at least to reach a low temperature.
3, when the machine is not necessary, if the room temperature is low to pour out the water in the tank, to avoid freezing the main shaft and water pipes
Computer security protection computer anomalies can also cause many problems, especially for the computer connecting the engraving machine, pay attention to cleaning up. During our protection process, we found that computer anomalies have also caused us to repair many unnecessary tasks, but also delayed the customer's business. Our technical department summed up and proposed that the customer's computer protection should pay attention to several aspects:
1, pick up the box dust regularly, pay attention to the heat dissipation of the box, careful that too much dust causes errors in the industrial control card.
2, regularly pick up disk debris, optimize the computer system.
3, regularly kill, but pay attention to the work can not open the degree of prevention, careful to disturb.
Spindle Problem Many customers often forget to add water, especially in autumn and winter. Due to the low temperature outside, it is difficult to feel the heat of the spindle motor. We especially remind customers here:
1, cooling water is a necessary condition for the normal operation of the spindle motor. If the cooling water is dirty, it will cause serious damage to the motor, ensure the cleanliness of the cooling water and the normal operation of the pump.
2, pay attention to the water level, must not make the water-cooled spindle motor show water shortage phenomenon, so that the motor heat can not be exported in time.
3, pay attention to the ambient temperature, be careful to form water tanks and water pipes due to the cold water temperature.
4, conditions can be used to engrave the main shaft cycle water to exchange antifreeze cooling.