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4 Axis Cnc Router Machine With Double Heads R1325S
- Sep 19, 2018 -

 4 axis cnc router machine with double heads R1325

R1325S double heads .jpg

4 axis cnc router machine .jpg

Jinan Rapidcnc machinery 4 axis cnc router machine R1325S is a double heads cnc router machine which equipped with double spindles as well as double rotary clamps .Spindle is 3.5kw air cooling spindle fixed on one piece aluminium plate .Spindle distance is adjustable to meet different work requires .

4 axis cnc router machine double heads.jpg 

R1325S has removeable flat table with T slot ,the rotary clmap was fixed beneath the flat table .This machine ,machine has normal gantry size to make sure machine's stable working preformance .

cnc router machine 4 axis.jpg

cnc router machine.jpg

Our 4 axis cnc router machine with double heads is equipped with 4 axis DSP controller ,high speed stepper driver and motors ,Chinese Best invertor .Machine detail specification could be change according to customer request ,for example change servo motors ,water cooling spindles ,change control system which you may be more familiar with .

Therefore ,if you are looking for a 4 axis cnc router machine with double heads ,then welcome to contact with us .We would be happy to build you a machine which has great flat caving work as well as rotary engraving on log and other materials .

4 axis cnc router.jpg

4 axis cnc router machine.jpg

Jinan Rapidcnc machinery welcome customers from all over the world contact with us to let us know more about your work .No matter for 3 axis cnc router machine or 4 axis cnc router machine .We are happy to know detail about your work to provide you a wonderful machine for work .

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