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what to do when a cnc laser machine does not give light ?
- Jan 03, 2019 -

what to do when a cnc laser machine does not give light ?

As you may know ,Laser tube and its power source is kind of a separate unit to a cnc laser machine .They are controled by the CNC system when to give out laser and where to go to make prefect engraving and cutting work. What to do when a cnc laser machine doesn't give light ?Please check these things if that happen:

There are many reasons which could cause this problem .laser tube die ,laser power problem ,bad reflection mirrors position ,parameter settings,cooling problem,control card problem and so on.

When a cnc laser machine doesn't give light ,first of all ,we need to test it manually after turn the machine on by press Pulse ,if there is spllash means the tube ,laser power source ,the mirror all work fine ,at this time, parameters setting need to check.

Meanwhile ,other things need to be check :

 1.0 Water recycle must be working good .There are a lot of heat created when a laser tube works ,in order to make sure it remains a reasonable temperature ,water is used to cool it off .And also here is a detection device within the machine ,if machine does not find the signal of water cycle ,it will shut the laser down to protect its safety .When open the laser tube cover at back of machine ,we could see the water flow with our own eyes .

2.0 Check laser power source fun is running or not .Make sure the switch is on it.

3.0 Check laser tube light condtion when press pulse .The normal color is pink .

4.0 Check reflection mirror position to make sure it could reach to the laser head if the laser tube working fine .

5.0 Check machine control panel working condtion .

6.0 Make sure machine voltage is 220V/50HZ and the voltage should be stable .

There maybe other factor which could cause a cnc laser machine don't creat laser light during work,if you need any assistance on this ,welcome to contact with Rapidcnc machinery for more support .

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