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The factors which affect plasma cutting machine work
- Jan 22, 2019 -

The factors which affect plasma cutting machine work

cnc plasma cutting machine

First of all ,machine specification may affect machine cutting precision .For example a plasma cutting machine with Servo motors and American brand plasma generator would have better cutting result compare with the type with stepper motor and domestic plasma generator .The cutting edge would be more smooth according to our experience .

Secondly ,the facility power supplier would affect the cnc plasma cutting machine result .Machine requires a full stable voltage to supply the plasma generator with best performance.

Thirdly ,Cutting speed will also affect the cutting effort .Because there are different thickness steel plate during work ,find a most suitable cutting speed will help to get a cutting edge with satisfied result .Normally ,when the thickness it bigger ,the speed should be slower .

Fourthly,air supplier pressure would also affect a cnc plasma cutting machine performance .The air would help to blow the melt metal away during work ,so too big or too small air supply will affect the cutting work dramaticlly.

fivethly ,plasma generator current setting would affect cnc plasma cutting machine work .The current setting on the plasma cutting machine is manually .There are also different power plasma generator according to different type of metal sheet thickness .Such as 45A,63A,100A ,160A ,200A,300A etc .

so when machine works ,engineer is supposed to put the current at a reasonable value to let machine has a best working condition .

Sixthly ,the plasma torch height and its vertical degree will affect the cutting edge .especially when the meta sheet is thick ,a prefect vertical cutting torch will make the cutting edge with same vertical .

metal sheet plasma cutting machine

Meanwhile ,water tank device and smoke fan would help your working environment clean and avoid the bad smoke inhale into your body .so they are pretty useful device for a plasma cutting machine .

Jinan Rapidcnc machinery is one of the leading cnc equipments manufacturer for decade .We provide all type of cnc plasma cutting machine with different sizes .If you ever looking for a cnc plasma cutting machine ,we would like to know your major work firstly before we recommend the most suitable machine for you .

There are also metal pipe cutting device could be attached to machine side for this type of work .

metal pipe cutting machine

Therefore ,if you are looking for a cnc plasma cutting machine,welcome to contact with Jinan Rapidcnc machinery for more information and we are pleased to offer you with a satisfied production 

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