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Plasma cutting table cutting ability reference
- Jun 15, 2018 -

CNC plasma cutting table 

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With the development of science and technology,iron and steel play more and more imporant roles in the modern society .If we look around ,it is easy to find them of our daliy life .There is a lot of industrial may need to cut different thickness metal sheet into various shape to meet the work requirements .This is when our plasma cutting table needed to cut the very hard steel .When it comes to plasma cutting table ,do you know how to choose a suitalbe plasma cutter for your work ?

Of course ,it is easy decide to choose machine size because we always know what is the biggest metal sheet we got ,but how big volumn plasma generator do we need ?

First of all ,we must know what is the maximum metal sheet we want to cut ,0-10mm ? 0-20mm?,0-30mm ?

Here is a list of most of plasma generator cutting ability ,please take it as reference when you choose a plasma cutting machine.

Max Steel thickness Reference plasma generator


When the steel thickness over 50mm ,we advise to add flame cutting instead of plasma . The brand of plasma generator has Chinese and American .American plasma has better cutting edge but price is much higher .It really depond on the work request,your financial situation etc .It is not like the most expensive machine is the best choice but the machine which more suitable for your work .

If you are looking for a plasma cutting table for your work but not quite sure which model should choose ,welcome to contact with Rapidcnc machinery .We have been manufacture all type of plasma cutting table for decade and we will explain you the advantage and disadvantage of all type of plasma cutting table ,their specification etc .

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