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How to choose a CNC Laser machine
- Nov 01, 2018 -

cnc laser engraving machine

As the economy grow ,there are more and more business requires a good advertising post to attrack customer's attention .That is why a CNC laser engraving machine has more demand than ever before .

But do you know how to pick up a cnc laser machine which is most suitable for your work ?

First and the basic is the machine size ,the common used size has 500X300mm ,600X400mm ,600X900mm ,1300X900mm ,1600X1000mm ,1300X2500,and bigger .

The second point which is also a very important for a cnc laser engraving machine is the laser tube power .There are 40W ,60W ,80W ,100W ,130W ,150w common used laser tube .60W laser tube would be the best choice for the engraving work .The laser beam is thin enough to carve nice and neat work .But just because of laser power ,it could not cut too much thickness .So when the work is mostly for engraving ,then it is better to choose 60W .


Instead ,if the work is mostly for cutting ,then 100W and above will be better .Because its higher power ,the cutting work could be fast and for some thickness material ,it could cut through .

80W laser tube would be take as an ideal choice for the work which requires both engraving and cutting because it could do both engraving and cutting good enough .

CNC laser engraving machine usually has honeycomb ,blade type ,and plate type etc .Honeycomb table is better for the engraving because it could hold small object .meanwhile ,blade type table is better for cutting work because it is easier for all the heat go away as fast as it could be .

cnc laser machine table

cnc laser engraving machine table

Regarding to the control system ,driver and motors ,belt ,laser tube etc ,just choose the most popular used brand which would be easier for the future maintance of your machine .A chiller and smoke exhaust fan is necessary and import part .The chiller could make sure that laser tube works at a normal temperature ,a smoke fan keep the house clean and odourless air .

At last they are pretty much the important thing you should be careful with when you are looking for a cnc laser engraving machine . Jinan Rapid CNC machinery wish all of the customers choose your cnc laser engraving machine wisely and it surely would help you with a good business .


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