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CNC Aluminium Four Axis Tapping Milling Drilling Machine
- Jun 06, 2018 -

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Product Details


Key Specifications/Special Features:

3/4 axis machining center/three axis machining center/CNC machining center/curtain wall making machine/facade making machine/machining center/CNC drilling and milling machine
Model: R1020Z

  1. 3/4 axis CNC machining center  

  2. 4/8 cutters in the magazine tool

  3. Milling and drilling

  4. Working speed: 8-12m/min


  1. For curtain wall, aluminium profile and more.

  2. Drilling and milling functions, electric system Schneider.

  3. Spindle: 7.5Kw power head, 0-3000 rpm/min.

  4. Industrial personal computer: Siemens 808D

  5. Servo motor and driver: Siemens servo motors.

  6. Ball screw and square guide rail: Taiwan TBI

  7. A axis rotate the work piece between -90° and +90° according to request, so it is available to columnar work piece.

  8. Half dry cooling system, with plant oil, no damage to workers and environment.

  9. Continue to work from the break point.

  10. Equipped with professional software CAD-CAM.

  11. Light curtain to protect workers effectively.

  12. Lock knife block is convenient to change cutters.

  13. 4/8 pcs of cutters

  14. Parker own patent

Name: CNC drilling&milling machine
Model: R1020Z
Power: 380V/50Hz/11kw voltage can adjust
Air pressure: 0.5-0.8Mpa
x axis stroke: 1000mm
X axis speed: 80m/min
Y axis stroke: 2000mm
Y axis speed: 80m/min
Z axis stroke: 400mm
Z axis speed: 30m/min
Max. processing speed: 8m/min
Location error: ±0.05mm
Resetting error: ±0.02mm
Processing error: ±0.1mm
Surface roughness: Ra12.5μm
Overall dimension: 2880x1890x2240mm
Weight: 7000kg

Machine Reference pictures:

rapidcnc drilling machine.jpg

rapidcnc drilling and milling machine.jpg


cnc drilling machine .jpg

cnc drilling .jpg

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