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cnc router machine for 3D carving R1212 ,R1224
- Feb 01, 2018 -

There is a lot of work in woodworking industry that required 3D carving .For example ,the wooden fuinture,traditional artworks,indoor decoration ,doors ,etc .Jinan Rapidcnc machinery has developped one serial of cnc router machine for work like this in 3D .Machine was built with all 3 axis ballscrews from Taiwan to make sure its high precision .Machine could be use stepper motors as well as servo motors to make machine work fast and neat .

3D cnc router.jpg

Computer based control system Ncstudio is recommanded because it could read the program fast instead of DSP controller .Carving spindle could be water cooling or air cooling .Machine size could be customized as your work request .Normally,we have standard model such as R6090,R1212,R1224,R1530 etc .This type of machine is also helpful for those customers who are running for small advertising shop .It could help you to make all type of 3D sign ,poster for diffients shops .

cnc router for advertising.jpg

cnc router for 3D.jpg

Its affordable price ,easy operation ,high preicision working precision make it to be a very helping machines for your invesment .Whenever you want to find a good cnc router machine for 3D work ,welcome to contact with Rapidcnc machinery .We are happy to offer you a good quality machine as well as customized service if you needed .

3D cnc router.jpg

For more information ,please wlecome to contact with our salesmanagers .

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