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Aluminium exclusion sheet cnc drilling and milling machine
- Jul 12, 2018 -

Aluminium exclusion sheet cnc drilling and milling machine 

aluminium exclusion cnc drilling and milling machine.jpg

There are certain work in the industrial fabriction which need to process on the aluminium exclusion sheet ,Surface milling ,hole drilling ,tapping etc .Because normally these aluminium exclusion sheet has small wide but long length .That is why we have developped this type of machine we are gonna introduce today :

Jinan Rapidcnc machinery has this type of CNC drilling and milling machine R0540,R0560,R0580 serial ,machine has X axis working size 500mm ,with Y axis to be 4000mm ,6000mm,8000mm etc .

Machine structure fabricated with thick steel sheet ,then with tampering treatment to make sure strong and stable structure base .Machine gantry and table would be cast steel structure .Machine table could hold up to 3 tons workpiece without any deformation.

Machine movement adopts with gantry moving ,that is how we could build machine working size in Y axis without much limit .There is also single arm type gantry if customer require ,easy for loading and unloading of workpiece .3.7KW ,5.5Kw ,7.5Kw ,9kw ,11kw powerhead drivering with servo motors ,high working speed ,high precision .Taiwan TBI square orbits ,professional CNC control system with hand wheel aiding ,make your work easy to operate .The accessores of machine working including cooling device ,Automatic lubrication device ,working lighting device etc make sure machine long working time at any time .

cnc drilling and milling machine.jpg

aluminium exclusion sheet drilling machine.jpg

Therefore ,if you ever looking for a cnc drilling and milling machine ,no matter for milling ,drilling ,tapping work ,please welcome to contact with Jinan rapidcnc machinery .We would be more than happy to know about your work request to offer you a fancy cnc drilling and milling machine for work .

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