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Advertising plasma cutter and industrial plasma cutter
- Dec 15, 2017 -

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The usage of plasma cutter :

Because of its high rigidity ,Steel is widely used for a lot of industrial .But how to cut it into whatever shapes we want ,used to be a difficult issue .Plasma equipment may have been invited for years ,but there is another question is ,how could we cut the steel precisely as we want .That is why computer controlled plasma cutter machine need .

According to different thickness ,Rapidcnc machinery has divided our plasma cutter into two group .Advertising plasma cutter and industrial plasma cutter .

The rule to divided them is according to the steel thickness 。Generally speaking ,the advertising industril use more of thin metal sheet less than 10mm ,so we call our plasma cutter with light duty advertising plasma cutter .There are industrial need thicker steel sheet ,it may goes up to 50mm thickness .That is how we call our plasma cutter with heavy duty industrial plasma cutter .

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The difference between advertising plasma cutter and industrial plasma cutter :

Advertising plasma cutter use normal steel to weld the major frame ,because it doesn't have to hold too much heavy steel sheet.But industrial plasma cutter with enhanced steel to join the steel frame .Advertising plasma use portable plasma controller which called DSP ,industrial plasma cutter use professional controller with different version .

Advertising plasma cutter equipped with small plasma generator ,but industrial plasma use bigger plasma generators .Advertising plasma cutter use normal driver motors because its gantry is not too much heavy ,industrial plasma cutter use 

bigger driver motors to make sure its fast speed .

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How to choose a plasma cutter ?

It is mainly depond on what kind of work you do ,if your work need only cut thin metal sheet ,then advertising plasma cutter will be good enough to do your work ,if not ,then an industrial plasma cutter needed .So mostly depond on the work request .

Other features of our plasma cutter 

*  Light beam design, good rigidity, light weight and tiny moving inertia

*  Y axis adopts double motors with double drives
*  XYZ axis equipped with round rail, moving smoothly, of high accuracy (optional: square rail)
*  Excellent performance on cutting illuminated letters for advertising and channel letters on metal surface board
*  Work together with other advertising machine, such as CNC router and so on, improving working efficiency
*  High cutting speed, high accuracy and low cast
*  Advanced CNC control system, auto arc, arcing success rate over 99%
*  Supports G code files of ucancam, ARTCAM, type 3 software
Also support DXF files of AUTOCAD by transfer software
Control system supports Udisk file transfer
Warranty and after-sale service of CNC metal cutting machine
1) The machine warranty is 1 year
2) 24 hours technical support by email or calling
3) Friendly English version manual and operation video CD disc
4) Samples for free
5) CE/ISO certificates

Model   R6090P,R1313P,R1325P ,R1530P ,R2040P ,R2060P 
Working Area (X*Y*Z)600X900mm -2000x6000mm
Working materialIron, Steel, Aluminum Sheets, Galvanized Sheets, Titanium Plates
Cutting thickness1-50mm
Cutting speed
Input voltage3-phase 380W
Power frequency50Hz
Files transferUSB Interface
Consuming power8.5kW
Plasma power60A-300A

 For more information ,please welcome to contact with our salesmanager.

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