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Grating Type 3D Laser Scanner For Cnc Work

Grating Type 3D Laser Scanner For Cnc Work

Jinan Rapidcnc machinery grating 3D scanner is mainly adopted with our CNC Router machine .There are certain 3D work which have complicated surface ,and it is not easy to make the design exactly like the mold .Our grating 3D scanner solve the problem and make all the work easy by machine and software.If you are gonna need a 3D scanner ,welcome to check with our RHH-3M-A/B.

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Product Details

Grating Type 3D Scanner For CNC work  

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1.Portable design: Small size, small footprint, no noise, easy to disassembly and

installation, very convenient to carry.

2."One-click" mark all points automatic splicing: Automatic splicing times of scanning

data, the process is complete with “one-click”. Without manual intervention, no third

party software, to ensure that the data does not appear stratified phenomenon.

3.Non-contact scanning: Measurement without contact with anything, can easily measure the soft, easy to deformation objects; And can be move scanner when scanning large heavy objects, there is no limit to the trip.

4.The noise of the point cloud processing and trim:  Can pruning and eliminate noise during scanning and at the end of the scanning. Due to use of high-end industrial lenses and original software denoising module, can overcome the domestic like product cannot solve noise and floating point problem, save your post-processing and modification time.

5.Standard 3d scanner, its single scanning range is bigger, the corresponding point distance is thin, suitable for decorative pattern delicate degree requirements is not particularly high, under the condition of product is bigger, use with photogrammetric system can be auto vehicle scanning.

Techinical Parameters:

Single scanning range:
400*300-200*150 300*250-100*75 
Single measuring accuracy:
Scan dot pitch:0.05-0.31 0.04-0.15
Object size:
Scanning mode:
              White light photo type ,Non contacting
Data splicing mode:
               The world heart automatic splicing 
2,000,000 pixels×2 5,000,000 pixels×2 
Grating system:
DLP digital grating, extrapolation method of multiple frequency phase shift 
Grating light source:
                    LED cold light source,35000hours

File format:
Scanning time:
                               < 3S 
Operation system:
Win7 64,CPU:i5\i7,standalone graphics card,RAM:8G/16G/32G/64G 
Vehicle spare parts
Large mold sculpture, etc 
Small and medium sized components such as home appliance, soles, shoe tree, woodcarving,etc 
Lead time:

7 days

Payment method:

T/T,100% in advance


1 year

Reference pictures:

3D scanner for cnc router.jpg


3D scanner samples.jpg

3d scanner samples.jpg

grating 3D scanner.jpg

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